Rev. Anita

San Francisco Wedding Officiant Anita Joe

Rev. Anita is a proud native San Franciscan and alumnus of San Francisco State University with a BA in Theater Arts. She is also a true romantic and am so happy to have married her soulmate. They have three amazing grown daughters. Being of multi-ethnic background, she is familiar with and appreciate the many rich cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles celebrated in the diverse city of San Francisco. Throughout the years, she has assisted friends and family members with their own weddings, ranging from large to small, and including intimate weddings and ceremonies for various lifestyles.

Anita has held a unique assortment of professional positions, including working as a community outreach specialist, assistant customer service manager, senior caregiver, and her personal favorite, as a drama class consultant for a local public elementary school. Currently, in addition to officiating weddings, she works as a marketing executive for a health and wellness company. Outside of work, Anita serves as a volunteer women’s leader for a non-profit organization located in the heart of the city. They focus on initiatives in peace, culture, and education. Her leadership responsibilities center on encouraging women, helping women achieve their highest potential, and working closely with youth to support and empower them.

Anita has been happily married for over 30 years and planned her own wedding. The planning presented a few logistical challenges and in turn, with invaluable learning opportunities. She had two wedding receptions, one for a select few immediately following the ceremony and the other for over 100 guests, held later that afternoon. The venue for the larger reception was at her brother’s home in his patio area surrounding the pool. As unpredictable Bay Area weather would have it, she learned that morning that it was expected to rain later that day. Nevertheless, she persevered, ensured that a plan B was ready to go, and determined that no matter what, everything would still go smoothly. Anita confidently met the challenge and arrived prepared! But in the end, the sun came out and the weather turned out to be beautiful! She likes to mention her own story because she understand that sometimes unforeseen pre-wedding or even day-of challenges may come up. From the day of her own wedding until now, she has always come prepared. With her optimistic and determined spirit, Anita can not only tackle these challenges head-on but resolve matters in a calm, cool, and efficient manner.

In her down time, she can be often found spending quality time with her furry grandchildren: Abby, their Japanese Chin rescue dog and Smalls, a Netherland dwarf rabbit. She is also an avid reader who loves to get lost in historical fiction. As for movies, Anita absolutely love romantic comedies.

Anita will bring unparalleled passion and warmth to your ceremony. Above all, and what she deems most important, is her guarantee that she will listen carefully to you and your vision, however broad or detailed that vision may be. Anita looks forward to seeing to it that no matter what, she will actualize the wedding ceremony of your dreams.