Rev. Jamie

Virginia Officiant, Wedding Minister - JamieRev. Jamie is an Interfaith Minister who is living her passion of helping couples as a transformational relationship coach, international speaker, and inspirational author. After well over 1,000 ceremonies over the past 20 years+, she is very adept at blending beliefs and cultures to create a ceremony that is a true expression of each couple’s unique relationship.

Rev. Jamie studied comparative religions at Unity Institute after her doctoral degree in Psychology. She is dedicated to helping others understand the common threads that wind through all of the major religions of the world and guiding them to focus on the underlying connection we all share. Rev. Jamie helps people find a sense of oneness and connection through her books and the classes, workshops, and small groups that she leads.

Rev. Jamie, Virginia OfficiantA huge supporter of One Love, Marriage Equality, and equal rights for all, Rev. Jamie started on her path officiating commitment ceremonies in Seattle, WA back in 1996 and is THRILLED to now be able to perform legal marriages all across the country! Love is Love is Love is Love!

As a Counselor and Relationship Life Coach, she has been helping couples for over 20 years to stay heart-centered and learn to speak the language of love. She is the co-author of 3 books and is currently working on her solo book, 7 Steps to Living a Passionate Life.

She is a very proud mom to her son Logan who is just completing college as a Physics major and about to embark on his doctoral program. She is owned by two furry felines who keep her at their beck and call, and enjoys spending her spare time working with rescue horses at the stables where she is an accomplished equestrian.