Rev. Sam

Rev. Sam FullertonWhen Rev. Sam officiated his first ceremony in 2010 as a favor to a friend, he realized it was a calling for him. Supporting couples in making such a momentous commitment to one another became both a mission and a passion, and he hasn’t looked back since.

Sam channels his natural abilities as a musician and his background in theatre when uniting couples. He creates personal, touching ceremonies for his clients and delivers them in a way that puts everyone at ease. His easy, gentle manner brings peace and beauty to any ceremony, and ensures that both partners as well as all guests and loved ones will find joy in the experience. Sam is proud to serve on our Cali Officiants team.

Sam is very passionate about spirituality and personal growth, and enjoys many esoteric philosophies and spiritual pursuits. When not bringing people together, Sam enjoys playing music, practicing yoga, attending concerts, and spending time with his cat and dog.