Rev. Lisa

Rev. Lisa, Northern Virginia Wedding OfficiantRev. Lisa is a native of Texas but grew up in Maryland. Her studies in journalism left her with an inquisitive nature and she loves meeting new people, learning about them and helping them tell their story. She always tries to bring a sense of calm and touch of humor to any situation.

Lisa looks forward to helping you create a meaningful ceremony that celebrates your journey to matrimony. She is a laid-back, patient, and caring wedding officiant who believes life should be comprised of the simplest and most innate things that speak to us at our core; and nothing is humbler and more natural than the love shared between two people. She appreciates and accepts all faiths, races, and sexual orientations and will happily perform ceremonies for couples of all backgrounds and walks of life.

In addition to performing wedding ceremonies, List is a certified yoga instructor (RYT 200). She always opts for taking the scenic route home and loves stopping at roadside antique and vintage shops along the way. She would eat Mexican food for breakfast, lunch and dinner (if you let her) and she puts green Tabasco hot sauce on everything.

Lisa has been with her partner Paul for the past 18 years and married for the past nine. They enjoy a quiet country life on their homestead near the Potomac River with their rambunctious toddler, Andy, and two dachshunds, Leon and Cooper. When she’s not preforming weddings, you’ll find her exploring
the hiking trails around her house, trying to read through her never-ending pile of magazine subscriptions, or taking/teaching a yoga class or two.