Rev. Peter

Rev. Peter, Maryland Wedding OfficiantRev. Pete is a bilingual wedding officiant with a laid back, personable and mellow style. He is passionate about the vows that the couple brings to each other and the love that they share and express through marriage. His number one priority is their happiness. Rev. Pete is a hopeless romantic who truly enjoys being a part of the couple’s special day. He finds the bond of marriage and the demonstration of love an inspiration for all of humanity.

Rev. Pete holds an interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and Linguistics from the University of Maryland Baltimore County with an emphasis in moral theory. He speaks multiple languages, with his native tongues being that of Bulgarian and German. He has traveled all across Europe with the opportunity of being exposed to different cultures and traditions which has translated into an adoration for people, values and languages alike.

When he is not interpreting or officiating weddings he spends his days teaching Jiujitsu where he enjoys sharing his knowledge of martial arts with his students. He considers martial arts training to be a type of “applied philosophy” and a great vehicle for introducing philosophical concepts into people’s everyday life.

His diverse and multifaceted background makes him a versatile and adaptive Reverend who works with each couple to create a perfect mold encapsulating what their relationship truly represents. It is important to Rev. Pete that he present an accurate and intimate reflection of each couple in their ceremony. He considers it a great honor to be able to bestow his blessings onto the unions of his clients and is humbled to be part of each and every magical moment.