Rev. Roxie

Rev. Roxie has always been interested in human connections. After graduating from Towson University with a B.S. in Sociology, Roxie spent 10 years working as a professional in the human services industry; assisting individuals achieve a wide range of life-skills goals in order to help them to live more rewarding lives. Roxie is an excellent communicator and compassionate listener. The skills she gained while working in human services allow her to give each couple the attention that they deserve at such a special time in their lives, resulting in a perfectly-suited, individualized ceremony.

As a non-denominational ordained minister that conducts weddings for Ceremony Officiants, she continues the work she loves in a new way – now she receives great joy from assisting couples as they prepare for marriage.

When she is not performing weddings, Roxie is immersed in the creative world as a writer and actress, and she especially enjoys writing songs and plays. When Roxie performs your ceremony, expect to an organized, charismatic, and polished communicator who also likes to have fun!

Roxie’s personal philosophy: “What we give to the universe is what we will get in return” and she fashions her life accordingly. She is a lover of love and life and believes that judgment is the antithesis of love. When she is not working on her various projects, she enjoys spending blissful time with her husband.